Easter Bunny & Chick Felt Basket



  • 1 x Beige A4 felt sheet
  • 1 x Pink A4 felt sheet
  • 2 x Small black buttons


  • 1 x Yellow A4 felt sheet
  • 1 x Orange A4 felt sheet
  • 2 x Small black buttons

You can also mix up the felt colour choices to make a mix of baskets.

Download our free pattern template here.


Use the pattern to cut out your pieces from your felt.

Attach the front and the back piece to the bottom piece.

Attach the two side pieces to the bottom piece, making sure you don’t twist the handle.

Sew along each of the 4 sides.

To attach the extra details you can use textile glue, hot glue, or stitch on by hand.

For the bunny basket, attach the ear pieces and nose to the front piece, and the tail to the back piece.

For the chick basket, attach the beak to the front piece and the two wings to each side piece.

For both baskets, sew on two small black buttons for eyes on the front piece.